Nonstress test (NST)

The nonstress test is a common test for pregnant women. You may need it if you’re overdue or have complications during pregnancy. Your doctor may suggest it if your baby seems to be moving less than usual.

What the Test Does?
The nonstress test is a simple, noninvasive way of checking on your baby’s health.

The test records your baby’s movement, heartbeat, and contractions. It notes changes in heart rhythm when your baby goes from resting to moving, or during contractions if you’re in labor. Your baby’s heart should beat faster when active — just like yours. The NST can reassure you that your baby is healthy and getting enough oxygen.

It’s called a nonstress test because the test won’t bother your baby. Your doctor won’t use medications to make your baby move. The NST records what your baby is doing naturally. How the Test Is Done?
The NST is safe for you and the baby. You’ll lie down with two belts around your belly. One measures your baby’s heartbeat and the other measures contractions. When you feel the baby kick or move, you may press a button so your doctor can see how the baby’s heartbeat changed while moving. The test will take about 20 minutes.NST