Allergy testing

Allergy testing is used to determine what substances may be causing a person to experience an allergic reaction. Many substances may directly impact a person, so an allergy diagnosis can help a patient to understand what possible triggers are causing allergy symptoms to flare up. An allergy test uses three methods to screen patients with possible allergies, which may show how the skin directly reacts to allergens. If the patient is allergic to a particular substance or multiple particles, the skin may react within minutes for one test or take 3 to 4 days for another. Allergists and immunologists at Florida Hospital are trained to perform allergy testing and may locate substances that cause patients adversely respond

We perform both serum IgE based and skin prick-based allergy testing. We have internationally validated skin allergy testing kit and the test is performed by formally trained technicians.

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy are making a comeback in the management of allergic respiratory diseases, and our Pulmonary Medicine department offers the full range of allergy tests.