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Is Depression causing heart diseases among women

Heart disease is becoming very common in women nowadays and it is life-threatening but with precautionary measures such as exercising, eating a healthy diet can help to prevent heart diseases, one should understand the difference in symptoms among men and women which can help to reduce the risk in women.

  • Pain, heaviness or discomfort in the chest area.
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain radiating to right or both arms.
  • Sweating
  • Dyspnea
  • Abdominal discomfort.

Women tend to neglect these symptoms; if one experience these symptoms or feel something is the wrong one should immediately call for help on emergency numbers.(1)


Depression cannot be indicated through laboratory testings, x-rays etc., it can be analyzed through behaviour and attitude of a person. Depressed persons may have mood swings, lack of sleep, maybe disinterested, the person is very much demotivated, suicidal thoughts keep popping, and she feels hopeless. If women continue to have these symptoms for a longer duration, then the person can be said to be in a depressed state and should seek medical help by consulting a doctor.
If one feels depressed than she should divulge to the family, friends etc., she should find treatment options for her state with the help of a concerned doctor, she should try keeping herself busy and active, she should unburden her feelings to a particular trustable support group.(2)

Women tend to be more depressive as compared to men, it is generally estimated that people with heart diseases tend to suffer from depression, when women are depressed recovery becomes difficult as they are not able to make changes in their lifestyle needed for healthy heart and body and because of which outcomes tend to be very much undesirable.

The augmented cardiac danger may shoot from personality characters, like long-lasting anger or continuing anxiety, which can cause depression. “The utmost noxious personality characters are anger, resentment, picking fights with peers and others, looking at things depressingly, and uneasiness. These conducts are bad for the heart.
“We all suffer from tension in our lives — bad and good.” It is how we pact with it that makes a change. How do we accomplish our lives so that we are more effective, and more accepting of what is working?”(3)


Women who have depressive signs, in order to counteract depression they tend to smoke, drink alcohol, overeat, and consume drugs which are very harmful to overall health including cardiovascular health. Depressive symptoms act as a trigger for the heart as these causes physiological changes in people. When one is in stress, cortisol releases in the human body which is termed as stress hormone which has been associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases.(3)


Cardiovascular doctors most of the time neglects depression and depressive symptoms. Psychological signs are left untreated when compared to physical signs and symptoms. This is the main reason women should choose a doctor who has an understanding of depression in heart disease and should give treatment for both physical and mental health. (4)

Counselling and medication both help the patient suffering from depression and heart disease.
There are various ways to keep patients mind relaxed and calm such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga etc. Mood enhancing medicines can be used to lift the mood of the patient. Combination of medicines and counselling plays a vital role in treating depressive patients with also relying on heart medications and lifestyle modifications.


Depression has the tendency to make physical issues poorer. A depressed being takes the very little precaution of physical well-being, cutting back on or missing rehabilitation training’s and/or taking medicine. Once depression is cured, and a person’s vigour and activity level upsurges, thereby increasing the quality of life cycle.

So it is all about compelling that initial step.
“The faster one can recognize individuals who suffer depression that is obscuring the capability to get back to normal life and relish it, the healthier the probabilities of recovery. Depression should not restrict physical recovery of a patient. The very old suggestion is having a sound mind and a sound body. People have to work up to great extent, especially after a cardiovascular attack. The aim should be to live right, eat right and have the best approach.”(6)

Cardiac therapy is very significant psychological intervention, let alone a physical intervention for post-heart attack individuals. “They are working out in rehab, and exercise has continuously been well-shown, in individuals who are depressed, to have good outcomes. That is in addition to rehab supporting lifestyle modifications and doctor’s order to strengthen rescue after the heart attack. (7)

Depression and heart disease are very much linked and this association is a lot of middle-aged women.

One of the studies show that hormonal and neurological discrepancy occurring in brains of females leading to depression has a great association with cardiovascular disease. Women may react physiologically to pressure, tension and depression on contrary to men. For instance, early-life shock, which is a danger feature for depression, is known to deteriorate the body’s usual chemical reaction to acute pressure in young women. Over the period, this may cause obesity and definite metabolic anomalies that are identified dangerous causes for cardiovascular diseases. (5)

Temporary feelings of dismal should gradually go away within a few weeks of getting along with the normal routine. When a depressed mood is profound and accompanied by various other symptoms prevails for more than two weeks, intervention by a psychiatrist or a psychologist becomes necessary.

  • Depression is associated with low-grade inflammation, involved in the clogging of arteries.
  • Depression also boosts the production of the stress hormone, dulls the response of the heart and arteries to demand increased blood flow, and activates platelets, making them more likely to clump and form clots in the bloodstream.

Get these habits right and you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy heart and a healthy mind.

Is Depression causing heart diseases among women


Your food and lifestyle plan for preventing heart attack should have substantial amounts of meat, refined grains, sweets, high-fat dairy products, butter, potatoes etc. Have copious amounts of fruits and vegetables, as they dwindle the risks associated with depression.

Choose healthy fats like avocados, dark chocolate, whole eggs, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and legumes, don’t forget beans, and choose low-fat dairy products. Cocoa solids are a potent source of antioxidants and a boon to your health. Tomatoes (lycopene) are good for cardiovascular and prostrate health. One must abstain from ubiquitous sweets and snacks. Avoid sodium, saturated Trans-fats, added sugar, and alcohol.


Moderate exercise can deter a stroke and relieve you of depression. A complete exercise recommendation for the cardiac patient includes activities performed in properly supervised programs, as well as regular physical activities. The workout program should recommend the suitable mode, frequency, intensity, and duration of physical activity, which should be personalized to the individual’s cardiovascular and general medical status.

Exercise is very important for heart patients but before starting with exercise regime do consult your healthcare professional and cardiologist. On the basis of patient’s condition exercises will be prescribed and hearts condition will be tested by the treadmill test.


Drinking alcohol does not drown sorrows; it only leads to serious health problems. Alcohol is depressant and can disrupt the balance and functioning and functioning of the brain. It tampers with our thoughts and actions. Getting accustomed to drinking alcohol is harmful, as it lowers the levels of serotonin in your brain- a chemical that regulates your mood.

Drinking can cause irregular heart rhythm, high blood pressure and cause serious damage to heart muscles resulting in a stroke.


The relationship between smoking and depression is symbiotic.Nicotine has a neurobiological effect on the brain. Nicotine withdrawal might trigger depression. Appropriate clinical evaluation and treatment are essential to reduce high morbidity and mortality associated with smoking and depression.

Smoking causes severe damage to nearly every organ of the body, but the damage it causes to the heart and the circulatory system is searing. The composition of tar and carbon monoxide in a cigarette is life-threatening.

Acute coronary events are traumatic and stressful by nature so it is important to understand and analyze what patients go through and help them. Depression can be easily cured in the early stages and many people don’t need medication. Diagnosis of depression starts with a doctor or a mental health specialist. It is important to curtail unhealthy habits and make a conscious decision to follow a healthy diet.

We at Kare Partners as a best cardiac hospital primarily focuses on our patients to provide them affordable services and best care with help of experienced and renowned ex-PGI’s experienced cardiologist.

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