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Are you playing with the Smoke, or is the Smoke playing you?

Are you playing the Smoke, or is the Smoke playing you? Find the effects of smoking.

You want to be friends with someone; you need to go out for a Smoke. There is a lot of tension, you need a Smoke. You are frustrated, you need a smoke. You are bored, you need a Smoke. You are happy, you need a Smoke! You topped your exams, you need a Smoke. Really? Smoking cessation is so important, we find people arguing and discussing several topics like politics, corruption, inflation, and crimes sitting at different public places such as tea stalls, eating joints etc. with a bud of Cigarette. Maybe may not be that everyone in that group is using a Cigarette, but this is for sure that everyone is Just Smoking! Though all these discussions remain meaningful to them but staying at these places can prove to be really harmful to them because of their exposure to the smoke at these places.


It is the cause of 87% of lung cancer deaths. Cigarette smoking is perilous both for those who practice it and for those who don’t. Tobacco smoke has 7000 chemicals including at least 70 cancer-causing carcinogenic agents.

The 5 damaging components of smoke are:
  • Nicotine– an addictive product which makes one crave more of it.
  • Tar Tar- a sticky brown substance that coats and affects lungs.
  • Carbon monoxide– a fatal gas that combines with blood more easily than oxygen and affects organs.
  • Hydrogen cyanide– the hair of the lungs that clean them get paralyzed by this gas which finally leads to poisoning of lungs.
  • Radioactive components — tobacco has radioactive components which are carcinogenic.

  • Stop Smoking

    The Human body protects itself with the help of its Immune system, smoking weakens this immune system causing infections, diseases and damaging the organs. The more you smoke the higher is the risk as it affects different areas of the body:

  • Smoking can reduce bone density making them weak and brittle.
  • People who smoke are likely to suffer from stroke and type- 2 diabetes.
  • Smoking effects on heart: Smoking can cause narrowing of arteries making it hard for blood to flow and increasing blood pressure. Also, it increases chances of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.
  • The most obvious part that gets affected by smoking is lungs. Smoking not only damages the airways and air sacs in the lungs but also leads to problems like: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumonia, Asthma, and Tuberculosis.
  • Smoking can affect the vision of the person practising it resulting in problems like cataract, optic nerve damage all of which can lead to blindness. It also decreases their ability to taste and smell.
  • Smoking can cause skin discolouration, thinning, wrinkles and premature ageing. It also affects the hair and the nails.
  • Smoking can cause gum diseases and serious oral conditions as it fades away the teeth enamel leaving yellow stains on teeth.
  • Smoking can cause impotence in men as it damages blood vessels in the penis. It can also damage the sperm and reduce the sperm count in men. Women who smoke may find it difficult to get pregnant as it affects their fertility and leads to lack of libido in them.

  • People have started the use of menthol cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe, smoking and other forms of tobacco but all these cause the same health problems. Smoking is the risk factor for all types of cancers and there is no safe way of smoking.


    A lot of people are unaware of what Passive smoking is and how it affects a non-smoker. The term PASSIVE SMOKING is used for non-smokers who always remain with a smoker or inhale the smoke released by a smoker. Non-smokers believe that there’s nothing to worry if our friends, roommates or colleagues smoke because it is going to affect them and not us. But it is absolutely untrue. The non-smokers who come in contact with the smoke take in the same chemicals and toxins as the smoker and hence are prone to suffer from some health problems as a regular smoker.


    Non- smokers who live or stay with the people who smoke have an increased risk of acquiring tobacco-related diseases including cancer, heart diseases, and stroke. It also increases the risk of respiratory illness that includes asthma bronchitis and pneumonia.

    Compounds such as sulphur, ammonia irritate the eyes nose and lungs these compounds are extremely harmful to people with respiratory conditions such as Bronchitis and asthma. The exposure to second-hand smoke can trigger or worsen the symptoms of these diseases. It also severely affects children and pregnant women causing irreversible damage to them.

  • Smoking or passive smoking can seriously affect the development and growth of a foetus.
  • Women who smoke during pregnancy have high risks of miscarriage, stillbirth ectopic pregnancy, premature birth and sudden unexpected deaths of infants.
  • Non-smoking pregnant women who are exposed to second-hand smoke at home — because her partner or some other family member smokes is likely to give birth to a baby with slightly lower birth weight.
  • Children are the most affected by second-hand smoking as their exposure comes from adults and is unavoidable by them. Therefore the children whose parents smoke are often prone to lung infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma) a cough, wheeze, shortness of breath and ear infections.
  • People whose partners smoke and they live in a smoky household have high risks of coronary heart diseases. Long-term exposure to smoke may lead to atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries).


    Prolonged exposure to smoke is associated with medical problems. No safe limit for exposure to second-hand smoke is established as even low levels can prove to be harmful. Therefore it should be completely avoided. Quitting smoking is one way as it reduces health risks for the smokers and is the best way they can protect their family, friends and close ones from passive smoking.

    The safest way for non-smokers to avoid smoke is not to allow others to smoke in the house particularly if you have children and avoid places where smoking occurs.

    Smoking in public places should be prohibited so that people stay safe and healthy.
    Overall if a person quits smoking his health improves and his body starts to recover.

    Thus, the answer to the statement- Are you Playing Smoke, or is the Smoke Playing you- is true in both case scenarios. When you Play Smoke- You are doing the worst thing you can do to your life, and sad is the case that knowingly you chose Smoking over Life. In spite of all Pictorial Effects in Advertisements or on the box, people presume that they will not be hit by disease and remain in Denial. When the Smoke Plays you- Why do you let anything take charge of your life? Stop entering places where people are smoking. Outrightly ask Smokers to stop Smoking in Public Places. Sometimes- ‘No’ is the answer. Wishing you a Happy Life, a Healthy Life- Stay away from the Smoke. It’s only consuming you.